Blueberries & Tart Cherries

My how time flies…

It seems like just a couple of weeks ago when I took this picture…

But, that can’t be right, I took this one a couple of weeks ago…

I guess the clock isn’t going to slow down – I just need to hang on for the crazy ride.




The strawberry season is winding down. We should have a few quarts available at the market tomorrow, maybe Wednesday, but that’s pretty much it.

Here’s a recap of the season –

We had lots of fun with strawberry school tours.

It’s too bad Home School Day was cool and rainy. I believe the great folks who weathered the storm and joined us had a pretty good time. I know I did!


Tart cherries

We will open for picking tart cherries starting Thursday at 7am. You may pick anytime during regular business hours: Mon-Fri 7am-6pm, and Sat-Sun 7am-5pm. The season will last until the cherries are all gone.



Oh yea, almost forgot asparagus.

There’s only a couple of weeks left.

Here’s some of our packing crew along with some visitors to the farm. These great kids help after school and weekends to get our asparagus to the big city. See those little cuties in front? Their mom works at Clyde’s Restaurants in Washington DC, which just happens to be where this skid of asparagus is going.


Blueberry picking will start Friday. We will be at the Benton Corner Road farm on Friday, June 9, 7am-noon and then again Saturday 7am-noon.

Check the Pick-your-own Blueberry page on the website for an explanation of the blueberry picking schedule including updates. We will post picking locations on Facebook, or you can give us a call – the answering machine should also give the latest information.


Kettle Corn

Ashley’s getting pretty good at running the kettle corn popper without getting 3rd degree burns. It’s quite a talent.

So, be sure to stop by, let her know how great she looks in her uniform and take a bag of kettle corn home. Maybe you should get two, you will be amazed at how much you can eat on your drive.

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Home School Day is May 22

Home School Day is May 22, 2017

Come out and join us on Monday, May 22nd for Home School Day. It’s a great opportunity to see old friends and meet new ones.

Here’s some specifics:

  • Berry picking is open all day: 7am – 6pm.
  • Free wagon rides are running around the farm continuously from 11am – 1pm.
  • The University of Maryland Extension office will be here from 11am – 1pm to answer any questions you have about canning and freezing fresh produce. They always set-up a nice display and have lots of great information.
  • The Queen Anne’s County Master Gardener’s will be here with a bug display, and we all know kids LOVE to study bugs!
  • Belvidere Syrup Co.,  a Vermont maple syrup maker, will be here to discuss and demonstrate how maple syrup is made (along with some yummy samples).
  • All Ages are welcome! All Homeschool Day attendees should check-in first at the registration table, in front of the market, to get their skit or walking tour time and materials.
    • Under 4 – Enjoy the wagon ride and berry patch. At check-in, you will get picking containers.
    • Pre-k through 4th grade – Go to the website and sign up for the full tour. Registration is 10:30 – 11am. The cost is $6 and includes an educational skit, a  pick your own container of strawberries, unlimited hayrides and a goody bag with a coloring book to take home. All info and materials are provided at check-in when you arrive.
    • 5th -12th grades – Go to the website and sign up for the full tour. Registration is 10:30 – 11am. The cost is $6 and includes a walking tour of the farm where we will talk about food production, a pick your own containter of strawberries, and unlimited hayrides.  All info and materials are provided at check-in when you arrive.

Photo Credit: Jennifer K Photography

Forward this email to all of your homeschool friends. Don’t forget, if you haven’t already registered, go to our website,, to register for the day. Be sure to print out the coupon below to receive your “Super-Mom” discount.
See you Monday!
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Mother’s Day on the Farm

Happy Mother’s Day!

We have everything you need for Mom!

Hanging baskets. planters, and gift baskets.

Belvidere Syrup Company was out today sampling some real maple syrup from Vermont. It’s delicious! They will be back on the farm for Home School Day, May 22nd. Want to know more about Home School Day? Visit the website for info and to sign up.

Asparagus for dinner. Strawberries and pound cake for dessert.
I believe winter ends tonight and summer begins tomorrow. We are open all day for Mother’s Day, so come out and pick berries with Mom!
Here is a great shot in the patch from Jennifer K Photography. You should look at her blog, she’s awesome!
Local Goodness

Kale, collards, lettuce, radishes, spring onions, and asparagus! Let me hear ya say “YEAH”!

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Strawberries are Early


Remember this picture from the last newsletter? About 2 1/2 weeks ago.

This one is from about 5 days ago.

This is today! I didn’t take the camera to the field. You will just have to trust me. There are lots of them out there!

Yes! They are very early. Come on out and get some already picked or head on out to the field to pick-your-own.
New this year – 10% off pick-your-own berries on Tuesdays! So, if you want to make some jam, take the day off work – your boss won’t mind, and you won’t regret it!

Mother’s Day Flowers

Don’t forget Mother’s Day! She wants flowers, a strawberry-rhubarb pie, a gift basket, AND a bolga basket.
Remember this photo from mid-April?
I named them Andy and Abigail. Then I had them for dinner.

Look! All of their friends are here now!

We have plenty of asparagus, so come on out and grab some for dinner and the freezer.

Hope to see you soon!

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Asparagus is here!

We have started cutting asparagus! We are here today and tomorrow 10am – 4pm, so stop by and get some for dinner.
The Market Opens Thursday!

The market officially opens Thursday, April 20th, and we should have lots of other things to go along with the asparagus – milk, eggs, other fresh produce, baked goods, flowers, etc.
Here are Andy and Abigail. I had them over for dinner last week. Well, that’s not technically true -I should have said, “I had them for dinner last week.”
Now their friends are starting to pop up too. Pretty soon they will be all over the place.



Here’s a snapshot of the strawberry patch this morning. The blooms look great and there are some little baby strawberries too! Aren’t they the cutest things you ever did see? “When will they grow up to join us for dinner?” you may ask.I’d guess about 2 to 3 weeks.
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April means Asparagus. But not quite yet…

After a winter filled with cabin fever, school work, and a warm wood stove, the arrival of April means we better finish up those “winter projects” that we were putting off and start getting ready for spring and summer.

One thing I do know…. I am very glad April has arrived! “Why?” you ask.

  1. Asparagus!
  2. Seeing you again and catching up on all of your winter news.
  3. Asparagus!
  4. Fresh air.
  5. Let me think… Oh yeah, and ASPARAGUS!!!

So, I grabbed my camera and went in pursuit of some crop update photos. Here’s what I found:



Tons of blooms! Did you know that each of those will grow up to be a strawberry in a few weeks?
See the blossoms with the black centers? Those were hit by frost and, well, are kaputski. (P.S. This is officially the first time I have used “kaputski” in a sentence. I like it.)
Now look at the one’s with the yellow centers. That’s what I’m talkin’ about! Strawberries! Juicy, red, and delicious strawberries!


Here’s what the field looked like yesterday.
Here’s what it looks like today. Not much different –  there are not any spears poking out yet. Farmer Tom spread some fertilizer and knocked down those old brown stalk stubs from last year’s growth.
We wait….
Season Opening

We plan to open the market on April 20th as long as the asparagus is ready. If not, we will have to wait.
Let’s hope it stays warm, and we see asparagus sooner than that. I would love to have asparagus for Easter dinner! Wouldn’t you?
So, if it’s ready early we will open the doors and have asparagus for you, but we won’t bring in all of the extra goodies – milk, eggs, other fresh produce, baked goods, flowers, etc. – until the 20th.
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Another season nears the end…

Wow. This whirlwind of a season has just two weeks left. Can you believe it?

Remember how cold and wet it was in April and May?

Seems like a lifetime ago.

OK, enough about old times. Here is what is happening now. We are picking lots of peppers. Make your relish and stuffed peppers now!


It looks like the last couple of peach varieties survived the spring frost pretty well, so we should have plenty to get us through Labor Day.

We are still picking cantaloupes. They are big AND delicious!

Of course, the corn is coming in strong like it has all summer.

And the newest addition to the market. Kettle Corn!

I just ate half of a bag. That’s not a good idea… You should share.

So, remember! Labor Day is our last day for the season. We will be open regular hours until then. Make sure you stop in and stock up on everything for the winter!

Get a couple of boxes of canning tomatoes.

Cut some flowers to brighten up the kitchen.

Have a slushie float to finish the season in style. Peach or cantaloupe – you decide.

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