About Us

Located on the eastern shore of Maryland, Godfrey’s Farm is a favorite destination for buying farm fresh fruits and vegetables, or just as a perfect family outing.

  • Fresh Spring Asparagus
  • Pick Your Own Strawberries
  • Pick Your Own Tart Cherries
  • Pick Your Own Peaches
  • Fresh Vegetables at the Peak of Flavor & Nutrition
  • Pick Your Own Blueberries (at our second location)
  • Beautiful Flowers & Bedding Plants
  • A Family Favorite Day Trip to the Farm

Your family will love the wide open spaces and fresh air, not to mention a   tranquility that just cannot be found anywhere in the city.

Join us in Mid-April for our famous fresh asparagus. This tender and delicious vegetable has been a family speciality for more than 50 years! You’ll also want to select from our wide variety of bedding plants to decorate your home landscape. We have some gorgeous mixed planters this year and some beautiful pots for your selection.

Pick your own fruits include sweet,   red and juicy strawberries in May and June; tart cherries that are great for pies in late June; healthy and   yummy blueberriesin late June through July; and fantastic,   tasty peaches from early July to Labor Day.

Our vegetable selection includes   asparagus, sweet corn, tomatoes, peppers, cantaloupes, and watermelon.


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