Peaches, tomatoes, peppers, cantaloupes, sweet corn and PEACH FEST!

Attention all peach pickers!

The peach season is moving along quickly. The last variety, which is usually ready around Labor Day is already starting to show some color and will probably be ready within the next couple of weeks. So, that means you shouldn’t wait. This weekend’s u-pick orchard hours are a little different than usual – Friday 8am – 1pm, Saturday 1pm-5pm (that’s the peach festival!), and Sunday morning 8am-1pm. Next week (Aug 11) we will go back to normal hours Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 8am-1pm. After that, we will see how the peaches are doing before we decide about picking.

By the way, the mother standing right behind this cute little boy has a birthday today. Happy birthday Esther!

Sudlersville Peach Festival

I told you about the festival in the last letter, so I won’t dwell on it this time. Just a few quick points and a precious photo. The Peach Festival is this Saturday, August 5th, 1pm-5pm.

And here’s what to expect this Saturday:




Sweet Corn

We are picking both white and bi-color sweet corn. If you want to put some in the freezer, you better get started! Labor Day will be here before you know it. Did I tell you that we close the market after Labor Day? Don’t wait!

Bell Peppers

We are picking some beautiful green bell peppers now. The reds should be ready soon. They make great stuffed peppers. I think they would be delicious with Langenfelder’s sausage and local sweet onions. Yum… Yum…


The cantaloupes are really starting to roll in. They are beautiful AND delicious!


My crystal ball says you should plan to do your sauces, stews, and salsas in the next week or two. They are plentiful and coming in really big right now. But I know someimes you want the smaller ones for canning, and those should be ready in the next couple of weeks!

I hope to see you Saturday!

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