Peaches, Corn & Tomatoes

Another beautiful day at Godfrey‘s Farm!

The most perfect rainbow!

Now Picking Peaches!

The peach orchard is open for u-pick Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings 8am-1pm. There are only a few more weekends left. So hurry!


Sudlersville Peach Festival

Mark your calendars and make sure you cancel all of your other plans. The Peach Festival is Saturday, August 5th, 1pm-5pm. There will be great things for the kids and adults:

Moon bounces


Girl Scouts will capture your “Peach Portrait”





Mini-train rides for the little ones



Fire truck rides


Wagon rides to the orchard for peach picking



Lots of great food from local charities. Here are just a few:


The Firehouse will have pit beef and pit ham


The Ruritans will have funnel cakes


The Lion’s Club will have fried fish sandwiches


The Walker Family will have their food truck with Godfrey-Grown sweet corn in their “cooler corn”


St. Luke’s Parish will have peach cobbler


Live music:

Special Treat: The Sudlersville Middle School will kick off the event with a performance of The Star Spangled Banner


Pajama Party will be playing classic rock and roll.


Sudlersville Memorial Library will host the Zucchini Pinebox Derby:

That’s right folks, racing is coming to Sudlersville! Sleek and super fast squash will be making a run for it! Businesses, organizations, and the general public are invited to enter their fastest zucchini. All proceeds from entry donations will benefit the Sudlersville Memorial Library and Soar with Nature. Rules: No motorized zucchini. other than that, may the fastest squash win! Open individual fee: $10.00, business/organization fee: $30.00 – all fees are tax deductible. Entries close August 3rd 2017. Note: Hobby Town, A.C. Moore and Michael’s all sell pine box car accessories.



Car and Tractor Show



Peach Slushies in Season!

Come on in and get a peach slushie. They are delicious! Just ask Rosa!


Peach Festival Again
Did I tell you that you MUST come to the peach festival yet?

Mark your calendars.

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