April means Asparagus. But not quite yet…

After a winter filled with cabin fever, school work, and a warm wood stove, the arrival of April means we better finish up those “winter projects” that we were putting off and start getting ready for spring and summer.

One thing I do know…. I am very glad April has arrived! “Why?” you ask.

  1. Asparagus!
  2. Seeing you again and catching up on all of your winter news.
  3. Asparagus!
  4. Fresh air.
  5. Let me think… Oh yeah, and ASPARAGUS!!!

So, I grabbed my camera and went in pursuit of some crop update photos. Here’s what I found:



Tons of blooms! Did you know that each of those will grow up to be a strawberry in a few weeks?
See the blossoms with the black centers? Those were hit by frost and, well, are kaputski. (P.S. This is officially the first time I have used “kaputski” in a sentence. I like it.)
Now look at the one’s with the yellow centers. That’s what I’m talkin’ about! Strawberries! Juicy, red, and delicious strawberries!


Here’s what the field looked like yesterday.
Here’s what it looks like today. Not much different –  there are not any spears poking out yet. Farmer Tom spread some fertilizer and knocked down those old brown stalk stubs from last year’s growth.
We wait….
Season Opening

We plan to open the market on April 20th as long as the asparagus is ready. If not, we will have to wait.
Let’s hope it stays warm, and we see asparagus sooner than that. I would love to have asparagus for Easter dinner! Wouldn’t you?
So, if it’s ready early we will open the doors and have asparagus for you, but we won’t bring in all of the extra goodies – milk, eggs, other fresh produce, baked goods, flowers, etc. – until the 20th.
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