Another season nears the end…

Wow. This whirlwind of a season has just two weeks left. Can you believe it?

Remember how cold and wet it was in April and May?

Seems like a lifetime ago.

OK, enough about old times. Here is what is happening now. We are picking lots of peppers. Make your relish and stuffed peppers now!


It looks like the last couple of peach varieties survived the spring frost pretty well, so we should have plenty to get us through Labor Day.

We are still picking cantaloupes. They are big AND delicious!

Of course, the corn is coming in strong like it has all summer.

And the newest addition to the market. Kettle Corn!

I just ate half of a bag. That’s not a good idea… You should share.

So, remember! Labor Day is our last day for the season. We will be open regular hours until then. Make sure you stop in and stock up on everything for the winter!

Get a couple of boxes of canning tomatoes.

Cut some flowers to brighten up the kitchen.

Have a slushie float to finish the season in style. Peach or cantaloupe – you decide.

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