Put your boots and raincoat on! It’s time to pick some berries!

It’s time to pick some berries!

Put your boots and raincoat on! It’s time to pick some berries!

FAQ for Saturday May 19th:

1) Are the strawberries ready? Yes.
2) Can we pick our own? Yes
3) How are the berries doing with all of this rain? Well, they are wet. But, they are plentiful right now, and I’m not sure how long the season will last.

Summary: Come on out and pick in the rain. Think of it as a strawberry adventure! There’s kettle corn and ice cream for those who are brave! We have already picked berries for the not so brave too.ūüėČ


There is asparagus too.

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Say “Happy Mother’s Day” with fresh strawberries from Godfrey’s!

The strawberries are here!

We have started picking strawberries and we should have them here for you and Mom this weekend. Be sure to stop in and grab some!
The season is just getting started, so the heaviest picking won’t be for another week. But, we hope to have plenty in the market for everyone and the u-pick patch will be open. If you are making plans to pick many flats, you should wait until next weekend. But I’d REALLY love to see you this weekend, and the kids need some fresh air, so please drop by. We have lots of gift options for Mom and if you are cooking dinner, then you need to grab a strawberry-rhubarb pie for dessert.
Happy Mother’s Day!

So. I think you should bring Mom with you, let her pick out a hanging basket, then sit and enjoy an ice cream cone on the porch. Then take home everything you need to make her a great dinner.¬†¬†¬†You know that’s just my opinion, but some say I’m pretty smart. (Not my kids – they’ve never said that. Actually, I can’t really think of who has said that, but I’m sure there is someone. Oh yes, that’s right! My mother says it all of the time. Does she count?)
The asparagus is fabulous right now!

If you want to do some freezing or canning, this weekend is a great time. It’s plentiful, it’s beautiful, and it’s delicious right now!
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Opening Monday April 23 – I hope the asparagus is ready!

Market News

It’s been a bit too cold for the asparagus to actually GROW, but those wonderful little plants have started to poke their heads out to see what’s going on. And I hope they will give up waiting for warmth, settle on a bit of sunshine, and come on out by the first of the week.
The Market Opens Monday!

The ice cream, peanut butter, kettle corn, baked goods, flowers, and other goodies are all ready to go, so please plan to come out next week and see us. It’s been a while, and I’m anxious to catch up on your winter’s news.
Here’s the weather forecast. I can’t actually take a picture of the asparagus, because it’s not up yet…
See where it says low of 34, 38, 39… That’s not exactly gonna bring those little spears shooting out at breakneck speed, if you know what I mean. But the bright sunshine should help.
I would like to show you the blossoms on the strawberries, but they are all covered up with blankets for another couple of days to protect them on these cold nights.

File footage… These little cuties are much older now.

Here’s a few pictures of the peach trees and friends.
Molly, thanks for the photos!
Hope to see you soon,
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Hurry! Last Day is Labor Day!

Canning Tomatoes!

Yes, there are still tomatoes


Sweet corn for the freezer.

Plenty for everyone!



Green & red bell peppers, hot bananas, jalapenos, cherry hots, habaneros, and yum-yums. All coming in now!

All jar goods and bolga baskets will be 10% off starting Friday7am, ending Monday 6pm.

The newest offering from the bakery…

Homemade peach muffins with Godfrey-grown peaches of course:

Thank you, Clyde’s, for the shout out!

In closing, here’s a word from the wise…

I’m really going to miss you all!

See you next year! Well, first I will see you this weekend… Then, I will see you next year.
Merry Christmas!
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Peaches, tomatoes, peppers, cantaloupes, sweet corn and PEACH FEST!

Attention all peach pickers!

The peach season is moving along quickly. The last variety, which is usually ready around Labor Day is already starting to show some color and will probably be ready within the next couple of weeks. So, that means you shouldn’t wait. This weekend’s u-pick orchard hours are a little different than usual – Friday¬†8am – 1pm, Saturday¬†1pm-5pm¬†(that’s the peach festival!), and Sunday morning¬†8am-1pm. Next week (Aug 11) we will go back to normal hours Friday, Saturday, and Sunday¬†8am-1pm. After that, we will see how the peaches are doing before we decide about picking.

By the way, the mother standing right behind this cute little boy has a birthday today. Happy birthday Esther!

Sudlersville Peach Festival

I told you about the festival in the last letter, so I won’t dwell on it this time. Just a few quick points and a precious photo. The Peach Festival is this Saturday, August 5th, 1pm-5pm.

And here’s what to expect this Saturday:




Sweet Corn

We are picking both white and bi-color sweet corn. If you want to put some in the freezer, you better get started! Labor Day will be here before you know it. Did I tell you that we close the market after Labor Day? Don’t wait!

Bell Peppers

We are picking some beautiful green bell peppers now. The reds should be ready soon. They make great stuffed peppers. I think they would be delicious with Langenfelder’s sausage and local sweet onions. Yum… Yum…


The cantaloupes are really starting to roll in. They are beautiful AND delicious!


My crystal ball says you should plan to do your sauces, stews, and salsas in the next week or two. They are plentiful and coming in really big right now. But I know someimes you want the smaller ones for canning, and those should be ready in the next couple of weeks!

I hope to see you Saturday!

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Peaches, Corn & Tomatoes

Another beautiful day at¬†Godfrey‘s Farm!

The most perfect rainbow!

Now Picking Peaches!

The peach orchard is open for u-pick Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings 8am-1pm. There are only a few more weekends left. So hurry!


Sudlersville Peach Festival

Mark your calendars and make sure you cancel all of your other plans. The Peach Festival is Saturday, August 5th, 1pm-5pm. There will be great things for the kids and adults:

Moon bounces


Girl Scouts will capture your “Peach Portrait”





Mini-train rides for the little ones



Fire truck rides


Wagon rides to the orchard for peach picking



Lots of great food from local charities. Here are just a few:


The Firehouse will have pit beef and pit ham


The Ruritans will have funnel cakes


The Lion’s Club will have fried fish sandwiches


The Walker Family will have their food truck with¬†Godfrey-Grown sweet corn in their “cooler corn”


St. Luke’s Parish will have peach cobbler


Live music:

Special Treat: The Sudlersville Middle School will kick off the event with a performance of The Star Spangled Banner


Pajama Party will be playing classic rock and roll.


Sudlersville Memorial Library will host the Zucchini Pinebox Derby:

That’s right folks, racing is coming to Sudlersville! Sleek and super fast squash will be making a run for it! Businesses, organizations, and the general public are invited to enter their fastest zucchini. All proceeds from entry donations will benefit the Sudlersville Memorial Library and Soar with Nature. Rules: No motorized zucchini. other than that, may the fastest squash win! Open individual fee: $10.00, business/organization fee: $30.00 – all fees are tax deductible. Entries close¬†August 3rd 2017. Note: Hobby Town, A.C. Moore and Michael’s all sell pine box car accessories.



Car and Tractor Show



Peach Slushies in Season!

Come on in and get a peach slushie. They are delicious! Just ask Rosa!


Peach Festival Again
Did I tell you that you MUST come to the peach festival yet?

Mark your calendars.

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Happy Father’s Day!
fathers day


Bluegrass in the Blueberry Patch

I REALLY hope you will be able to make it to Bluegrass in the Blueberry Patch next Sunday! Don’t forget your chairs and blankets.

Gary Clough’s band “Grey and Blue Grass” will be here again with Scottie MacGlashan, Josh Daniels, and Ricky Walls. The Walker Family will bring their food truck with some fried favorites. ¬†I hope they bring their famous softshell crab sandwiches!

The Queen Anne’s County Arts Council will be selling wine and beer. So you can sip and lounge on the lawn while the band plays.

For the kids there will be barrel cart rides, a moon bounce and yard games. And, oh yeah, did I tell you? There will be blueberry picking!

This is my favorite day of the whole summer! I hope you can join us.

Special for bluegrass day – Red, white and blueberry slushies! You MUST have one!

You MUST watch the video promotion that Mitch put together with Jane for the event. They did an awesome job! Here’s a link to see his other work –¬†Mitch Cannon Films.

Bluegrass in the Blueberry Patch
Bluegrass in the Blueberry Patch


Tart cherries

You may pick anytime during regular business hours: Mon-Fri 7am-6pm, and Sat-Sun 7am-5pm. The season will last until the cherries are all gone. We have some already picked if you need them.



It’s the end of the asparagus season. If you still want some, you better hurry.

Blueberry Picking

The blueberry season is a few days earlier than usual, so don’t wait too long to get yours. There are plenty available at the market.

U-pick blueberries are Monday (6/19) and Wednesday (6/21) morning this week at the the Leager Road farm (next to the peach orchard).

Check the Pick-your-own Blueberry page on the website for an explanation of the blueberry picking schedule including updates, or you can give us a call Рthe answering machine should also give the latest information.


The Fireman’s Parade and the Peach Festival

Here’s a pic of everyone ready to head out to the town’s fireman’s parade. I hope you were able to get a bag of kettle corn while you were there!

Peach Fest is coming!!!! Mark your calendars.

The moonbounces are ready to go; the firehouse is ready to make their pit beef and ham sandwiches; the Walker Family is bringing the food truck, the peach treat baking plans are in action; the Dell Foxx Band is booked (so glad to see local talent!).  We are lining up all of the big trucks for the touch-a-truck, tuning up the peach u-pick tractor and wagon for rides around the farm, and preparing tons of other great things!

Adding tractors to the car show this year! Do you have one you want to show? We would love to see it!

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