All Good Things Must Come to an End

Last weekend for u-pick peaches!

This is the last weekend for u-pick peaches, so make sure you get out here. But if you can’t make it, don’t worry.  We should have plenty of peaches picked for you at the market through Labor Day!

Pick-your-own peach schedule:
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday August 17, 18, 19 8am – 1pm
Plenty of tomatoes!

The tomatoes are picking heavy right now. If you are thinking about canning, get your supplies together and come on out. You can wait until Labor Day if you want to, but there are lots of tomatoes right now. I recommend you strike while the iron is hot (at least I’ve always heard that is the right time to strike – I’ve never actually struck anything with a hot iron, I’ll just have to trust the old-timers on that one.)
Yes, the sweet corn will be here through Labor Day too!

Did I mention that our last day is Labor Day? That’s 3 more weekends. You MUST hurry!
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Let the Peach Picking Begin!

Peaches, peaches, peaches!

Start picking peaches this morning at 8 am! Then we will be out there every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for 4 short weeks. So, NOW is the time!

Pick-your-own peach schedule:
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday July 27, 28, 29 8am – 1pm
Friday August 3 8am – 1pm
**Saturday August 4 PEACH FESTIVAL noon – 4pm
Sunday August 5 8am – 1pm

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday August 10, 11, 12 8am – 1pm
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday August 17, 18, 19 8am – 1pm
Count down to the Peach Festival – 8 days!

Make sure you come this year, there will be new food vendors, great bands, fire truck rides, peach picking, and the list goes on and on. There’s just not enough time to tell you about everything. You will have to come out and see for yourself. Trust me!
So it’s not ALL about peaches really

There is a lot going on around this place right now. It’s not all about peaches – the best sweet corn around is also here, as well as cantaloupes and tomatoes.
It’s summertime people! Let’s eat like you know you can!

The crew says “Good Morning! The corn will be up in a few minutes.”
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OMG! Crop Updates!


We have blackberries!

Psssttt… We picked a little bi-color corn this morning.
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Happy 4th of July!

Market News

Hope you have a great 4th of July!

Yes we are open all day tomorrow7am – 6pm. So come on out, pick some blueberries, grab a pie, grab some peaches, and say “HELLO”!
We have our own peaches and blueberries. We also have local squash, cucumbers, green beans, and corn.
Our corn will be ready any day now. Probably Friday-ish.

The blueberry picking at field #2 and #1 is great right now. There are lots of great blueberries  and the bushes are loaded.
Field #2 (Leager Road by the peach orchard) will be open 7am – noon tomorrow morning (Wednesday,  July 4th). Field #1 (Benton Corner Road) will be open 7am – noon Friday, July 6th. I’m not sure where we will be Saturday, you will have to check the website when we get closer.  Any other time, come to the market and you can pick here, but I recommend hitting field #1 or #2 if you can, the picking is pretty easy there.
Of course, if you don’t want to pick-your-own, just stop in and grab some. We have plenty for ya!
How are you beating the heat?

It’s pretty hot out there! I hope you all have an irrigation machine in your asparagus field to cool you down after a hard day’s work.
Did you have fun listening to Bluegrass in the Blueberry Patch?

We did!
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Opening Day for Tart Cherry picking is this Thursday, June 14th

Tart Cherries

Opening day for tart cherry picking is this Thursday, June 14th. Hours for picking are regular market hours: Monday-Friday 7am-6pm, Saturday and Sunday 7am-5pm.
If you haven’t picked cherries at our farm before, I must tell you that we don’t have many cherry trees, so the season usually goes by pretty quickly.
For those who don’t want to pick their own, we will be picking those pesky cherries that are out of reach for the u-pickers to  sell in the market. But, we won’t do that until the weekend.

I hope to start u-pick blueberries this Saturday, June 16th. The picking hours will be 7am-noon, but I’m not exactly sure where we will be picking. Actually, I’m not positive we will be able to start Saturday.
My best guess – We will start Saturday at the Leager Road  field (Field #2). If you go to the website, and check the u-pick blueberry page, there should be updates and you will be able to see a map of the fields.
I may not send another e-newsletter before then, but you should be able to check the website or call the farm for the latest info.
We still have asparagus.

We should have asparagus at least another week – probably to the end of June.

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Put your boots and raincoat on! It’s time to pick some berries!

It’s time to pick some berries!

Put your boots and raincoat on! It’s time to pick some berries!

FAQ for Saturday May 19th:

1) Are the strawberries ready? Yes.
2) Can we pick our own? Yes
3) How are the berries doing with all of this rain? Well, they are wet. But, they are plentiful right now, and I’m not sure how long the season will last.

Summary: Come on out and pick in the rain. Think of it as a strawberry adventure! There’s kettle corn and ice cream for those who are brave! We have already picked berries for the not so brave too.😉


There is asparagus too.

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Say “Happy Mother’s Day” with fresh strawberries from Godfrey’s!

The strawberries are here!

We have started picking strawberries and we should have them here for you and Mom this weekend. Be sure to stop in and grab some!
The season is just getting started, so the heaviest picking won’t be for another week. But, we hope to have plenty in the market for everyone and the u-pick patch will be open. If you are making plans to pick many flats, you should wait until next weekend. But I’d REALLY love to see you this weekend, and the kids need some fresh air, so please drop by. We have lots of gift options for Mom and if you are cooking dinner, then you need to grab a strawberry-rhubarb pie for dessert.
Happy Mother’s Day!

So. I think you should bring Mom with you, let her pick out a hanging basket, then sit and enjoy an ice cream cone on the porch. Then take home everything you need to make her a great dinner.   You know that’s just my opinion, but some say I’m pretty smart. (Not my kids – they’ve never said that. Actually, I can’t really think of who has said that, but I’m sure there is someone. Oh yes, that’s right! My mother says it all of the time. Does she count?)
The asparagus is fabulous right now!

If you want to do some freezing or canning, this weekend is a great time. It’s plentiful, it’s beautiful, and it’s delicious right now!
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