Homeschool Day on the Farm

Another school year is winding down. I hope yours has been full of fun and learning.

The best way to finish up is with a day on the farm, picking strawberries with all of your friends!

Come out and join us on Monday, May 23rd for Home School Day.

  • Berry picking is open all day: 7am-6pm.
  • Free wagon rides around the farm run continuously from 11am – 1pm.
  • The University of Maryland Extension office will be here from 11am – 1pm to answer any questions you have about canning and freezing fresh produce.
  • Are your children in the pre-k through 4th grade age range? Then go to the website and sign up for the full tour. You will want to get here at 11am. The cost is $6 and includes an educational skit, your child get to pick their own container of strawberries, and receives a goody bag with a coloring book to take home. Check in at the barn when you arrive, and we will get you set up.

School Tour 2.JPG

The hand of a homeschooler!

Photo credit: Jane Godfrey



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Berries, berries, berries

 I would like to introduce you to a couple of my new best friends. You know how friends are – you may see them around occasionally, kind of spending time together off and on. Then, something in your life changes and BLAMMO, you realize that old friend – the one you didn’t think about much – is now your best friend – the one you can’t live without!

Well, here is best friends number 1 and 2:

Warm and dry feet are definitely worth having!

Best friend number 3: the Land’s End parka with hood, is a must-have for 50 degree days and 40 degree mornings.

So, that’s enough whining. I won’t mention the frigid, rainy, miserable days again. I promise. At least not for the rest of this newsletter.

Good news:

Photo credit: Jane Godfrey

Yes, there are some strawberries. We are picking a few each day now, and the u-pick patch will open tomorrow, Monday, May 16th. The fields look very pretty, and there are quite a few berries. My crystal ball tells me next weekend ought to be pretty good pickin’.

I wasn’t trying to take a picture of a weed; I really was focused on the beautiful strawberries. Please forgive me – I will try to pull it out before you get here.
Homeschool Day
Homeschool Day is Monday 23rd, 11am – close. Bring the kids out and enjoy strawberry picking and free hayrides. Go to the website for more details and to pre-register.
Gift Baskets

Need a gift basket for anyone? Just let us know.
Yes, that IS rhubarb in the background!
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Happy Mother’s Day!

Be sure to stop by this weekend and say, “Hello”. It’s been cold and rainy for far too long – you should have asparagus soup for dinner tonight. I made some for lunch yesterday, and it really hit the spot.

Maybe you should bring an ark if you have one.

If you don’t, come by anyway to grab something for Mom. She would love a basket of hanging flowers, a planter, a cookbook, a gift basket, AND a gift certificate. You can call ahead to order and we will have your gift basket ready for you when you get here.

Here’s a quick flashback from this mom:

7 years ago

Stay tuned for strawberry news. It shouldn’t be too much longer.

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What’s for dinner tonight? Asparagus!

The moment we have been waiting for has arrived!


That’s the big news. Now I will finish up with some reminiscences about the life of asparagus. I’m just SO HAPPY to see my old friends!

We started cutting asparagus today, so naturally Jane and I headed out to the field with our cameras.

Asparagus is a little like a family – tall ones, shorts ones, fat ones, and skinny ones – all growing together in harmony. See the short ones up in the front of this photo? They will grow up so we can cut them tomorrow. See that tall one? It will be eaten today.

By me!

This one reminds me of a basket of snakes that dance out slowly when the recorder plays. You’ve see them on TV right? See how this whole family is looking out to the right? That’s because it was windy yesterday, and as the wind blew, the right side of the stalk was hit with sand, so it stopped growing. The left side, not noticing there was a problem, just kept on reaching for the sky. (P.S. Jane took this one. That means I have to pay royalties for it, so I hope you like it. She even has a photography blog:

Here’s a shot of the whole field. Can you see the asparagus?

Here’s the field with the crew… very important!

Here’s another picture from Jane’s blog. Not asparagus. Can you tell what it is?

Need some ideas for dinner tonight? Click here for our favorites!

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The new website is up! The asparagus is not…

First the good news! We have worked all winter on a new website, and it is now live. Please take a look at it – There are a lot of pictures! If you have been in the newsletter, you may be on the website too.


More good news – we open tomorrow. It’s the first day of the 2016 season. I hope you will be able to stop and say hello! We will have ice cream, slushies, and tasty produce. Lapp’s baked goods should arrive around 2pm, and the coffee pot will be on all day.


Now for the bad news: The asparagus isn’t up yet.
waiting for asparagus


I know better. I have been around long enough to know that spring weather is fickle, and the asparagus usually doesn’t come up before the 20th of April. But, at the end of March the sun was shining, the birds were singing, the spring flowers were blooming, and I REALLY wanted asparagus.


Then April changed everything. It turned cold, rained, snowed, and in general acted like April does.


So we wait. Hopefully not long. Any day now.


The new plan –


First, pay your taxes…
Second, come to Godfrey’s!!!


And get some ice cream!
I’ll let you know as soon as the asparagus is ready!
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Coming soon… ASPARAGUS!

I hope you had a great Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, and Easter. (Did I forget anything?) Yes, it’s been a while since we have spoken.

At least it wasn’t as cold as last winter. But those days are over now. Spring has sprung!

It looks like, if the weather cooperates, the asparagus will be ready soon. The official plan is to open Friday, April 15th. The odds are pretty good the asparagus will be ready by then.

So your assignment is to…

First, pay your taxes…


Second, come to Godfrey’s!!!

Get some asparagus for dinner…


and ice cream!

Market cover

It’s just a couple of weeks. Can’t wait to see you!

Hope to see you soon,


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Strawberry Pie

Pastry for 2-crust 9” pie ¼ C cornstarch 1 T butter or margarine
1 C sugar 2 pints fresh strawberries, hulled Sugar

Divide pastry almost in half. Roll out larger half on floured surface to 13” circle. Line 9” pie plate with pastry. Trim edge to ½” beyond rim of pie plate.

Combine 1 C sugar and cornstarch in bowl. Cut strawberries in half. Add to sugar-cornstarch mixture, tossing with a fork to coat.

Arrange strawberry mixture in pastry-lined pie plate. Dot with butter. Roll out remaining pastry to 11” circle. Cut slits. Place top crust over filling and trim edge to 1” beyond rim of pie plate.

Fold top crust under lower crust and form a ridge. Flute edge. Sprinkle crust with sugar.

Bake at 425 for 40 minutes, or until curst is golden brown. Cool on rack. Makes 6 to 8 servings.

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