Another season nears the end…

Wow. This whirlwind of a season has just two weeks left. Can you believe it?

Remember how cold and wet it was in April and May?

Seems like a lifetime ago.

OK, enough about old times. Here is what is happening now. We are picking lots of peppers. Make your relish and stuffed peppers now!


It looks like the last couple of peach varieties survived the spring frost pretty well, so we should have plenty to get us through Labor Day.

We are still picking cantaloupes. They are big AND delicious!

Of course, the corn is coming in strong like it has all summer.

And the newest addition to the market. Kettle Corn!

I just ate half of a bag. That’s not a good idea… You should share.

So, remember! Labor Day is our last day for the season. We will be open regular hours until then. Make sure you stop in and stock up on everything for the winter!

Get a couple of boxes of canning tomatoes.

Cut some flowers to brighten up the kitchen.

Have a slushie float to finish the season in style. Peach or cantaloupe – you decide.

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Peach Festival tomorrow

It’s time!!

The great Sudlersville Peach Festival is tomorrow, August 6th, 1-5pm. Today, we will be baking in the kitchen, mowing and weed whacking in the yard, scrubbing the floors, gathering peaches, setting up tents and moonbounces, and priming the pump on the kettle corn machine!


Tomorrow we will be the eating, drinking and listening to fine music. The kids will be petting the bunnies, jumping in the moonbounces, playing games, and riding in the barrel carts and on the fire truck. Please join us.



Philip Dutton and Alligators


The Roadhouse Clams



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July Update

The kids from the quilting camp stopped by to show us their BEAUTIFUL quilts! Check out this talent!!! It’s no suprise they are so good, their teachers were the  Foxxi Lady Quilters of the Sudlersville Senior Center. We grabbed this photo while the students were admiring their mentors’ work.

Remember the quilt the Foxxi Ladies made for us last year?

Breaking news!!!

We have fresh local milk now! Believe me, if you try the chocolate milk you won’t go back to the grocery store chocolate milk. It is delicious! Not too sweet, it’s just right. And the yogurt…. To die for….

Tons of corn has been flowing through the barn the last few days. Stop in and get some anytime. Bushels available!

Cut your own flowers is open. It’s a great opportunity to brighten up your house on a muggy mid-summer day.

Pick your own blueberry update – This week is the last opportunity to pick at Benton Corner Road. Give us a call soon and we will set you up to pick there. Otherwise, mark your calendar for Saturday, July 23, 7am. We will pick the late varieties at Leager Road until noon then. Check the website or call before you come. I might have to push the date back if they still aren’t ready when Saturday rolls around.

We picked a few tomatoes. It’s just a matter of time before we have tons of them. I can’t wait!



So sorry about the focus error.

My kids were at piano camp last week. They had a concert yesterday to show off their talent. Oh my! What an incredible group of kids. Amazing!!!! Here’s Jane and Emily with a few of their friends.

P.S. Don’t forget the peach festival!!!

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Let the corn begin! Come get the first of the season at the fireman’s parade!

Tom just picked the first 200 ears of corn. If you want one, come to the Sudlersville Fireman’s Parade, we will be passing them out on the way to the carnival tonight!



Here’s the plan – you get up early in the morning to beat the heat. Go to the blueberry field on Benton Corner Road (130 Blueberry Lane) and pick blueberries. Then head straight to the market for fresh picked sweet corn, a strawberry slushie, and an ice cream cone.

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Thanks for joining us at Bluegrass in the Blueberry Patch

Thank you for joining us for Bluegrass in the Blueberry Patch. It turned out to be such a great day, and I’m so glad you were able to be here. We took a few pictures to share.

But first, a little business… If you would like to pick more blueberries, come on out. We will be picking all weekend. We are at the Leager Road field Saturday morning, July 2, 7am – noon, then at the Benton Corner Road field on Monday, July 4th, 7am-noon. Any other time during the weekend, afternoons and Sunday all day we will be picking behind the market. Check the website for maps and more information on the fields.

Of course, we have pre-picked blueberries available in the market along with strawberry and cantaloupe slushies. We will have local sweet corn this weekend. Our corn should be ready next weekend.

So, here are the pictures. If you have any, please share on our Facebook page. We would love to see them! And of course we would love to see you again soon!




Don’t forget the Peach Festival, with the Sudlersville Fire Company dishing up great pit beef and ham. The Alligators and the Roadhouse Clams will be here again this year, playing great music. I just can’t wait!
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Bluegrass in the Blueberries coming soon!

Well, today is the big day! Hope you are able to make it. The band is all warmed up. We baked all night and again this morning. There has been lots of mowing, and blueberry picking. We have been exercising our ice cream scooping arms, and have lots of slushies freezing.

So, bring your blanket and/or chairs. Be ready to eat blueberry treats. Bring your sun hat for blueberry picking. Then sit back and enjoy this beautiful day listening to great music. Bring the kids – they can jump in the moonbounce and take a barrel cart ride.




Warning – silly story ahead…

I was driving out in the field and found Tom’s truck parked in the middle of the lane, with the door open and the engine running. That’s not odd – he always does that, but I couldn’t see him anywhere. So, I got out of my truck to shut his driver’s door so I could pass, and then began to wonder where he might have gone.

Then I spotted him. Kinda like “where’s Waldo”. See him?

Then, he stood up, and I thought to myself, “That farmer is ‘outstanding’ in his field.” Well, I guess he is really ‘out standing’ in his field.

However, you want to say it, he is.


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The good, the bad, the ugly

In honor of Clint Eastwood, I will organize this week’s email around Tom’s favorite movie.

Let’s start with “The Good” –

Blueberries are ready to pick. We will open on Friday, June 17th at the farm on Benton Corner Road. Picking hours are 7am-noon. We will also pick 7am-noon, at the Benton Corner Road farm Saturday, June 18th. Check the website or call for future picking times and locations.

We have pre-picked blueberries available in the market now.

Now for “The Bad and The Ugly” –

The tart cherry trees were hit hard by the spring frosts. We won’t be able to do pick-your-own this season. There are very few cherries, and most of them are higher up in the trees. So, we will send in our crew to scrounge up all of the ripe fruit later this week, then again next week. If you are interested in having some of the pre-picked cherries, let us know and we will put you on our list, and let you know when they are ready.

I’m sorry for the bad news, but these things happen, and we will try to make the best of it. I hope you understand.



Strawberries – The strawberries are all finished up. You are welcome to browse through the field to see what’s left in u-pick, but do it soon, because they aren’t going to be around much longer.

The weather has been good for the asparagus, we should have it for at least another week.


I will now interupt this e-newsletter with a picture of my kids. Jane had a violin concert on Saturday, and Emily, her trendy sister, was there to cheer her on.

She’s also playing in the orchestra in “The Fiddler on the Roof” which is now showing at Church Hill Theatre. It’s a great show! Make sure you go see it – and say hi to Jane at intermission.

Upcoming Events 
I really hope you are able to join us for this one. I love a Sunday afternoon, relaxing in the shade and listening to good music. You can pick a few blueberries, the kids can jump in the moonbounce and everyone can enjoy blueberry pie with a big scoop of ice cream. Great news – the band performing this year is Scotty MacGlashan & True Blue!

Don’t forget the Peach Festival, with the Sudlersville Fire Company dishing up great pit beef and ham. The Alligators and the Roadhouse Clams will be here again this year, playing great music. I just can’t wait!

Here are a couple of great strawberry patch pictures shared on Facebook by one of our wonderful customers. Be sure to share you photos too!

All three photo credits to Lucy Elville. She’s pretty good at this! Lucy’s Photography Facebook Page

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