Peach Festival Update

Just a couple of quick things today.

First, you may ask, do we have tomatoes?

Well, um, yes…. we do….

Your next question might be…. Are we ready for the peach festival? Well, we are working on it…

If you were in the band, this is what you would see. Has anyone ever put the band on the loading dock before? It’s gonna be great!

The fire company is getting ready to set up tents and tables. We have been mowing and weed whacking. It’s just crazy around here.

The weather should be nice, and I really hope you can make it to the festival. Here is a look at what is going on.

So, bring the whole family and join us for a great time. 

Mark your calendars!

Good night Butch…


Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July! Photo credit to Emily Godfrey.


Seems like the last few days everybody is combining. Our neighbors are combining, our neighbors’ neighbors are combining, all up and down the roads I see combines in the field and moving between fields. There is something about watching combines work and listening to their low rumbling sound that seems so satisfying. The work is just so neat and tidy. It looks like something is getting done, and if you happen to find two or more combines running in the same field. Wow!  
Meanwhile, back on our farm… This is the time of year when everything is either just getting started or we are waiting very impatiently for it to start. 

For example, we started picking a few peaches yesterday. That’s exciting!

Blueberries are going strong! The u-pickers have been picking lots of berries at the Benton Corner Road farm, so we will be moving over to the Leager Road farm for picking Friday and Saturday 7am-noon both days (yes, we are open on the 4th of July). They look really nice; make sure you come out and get a few buckets full.

The tomato field looks spectacular! 

But, the tomatoes aren’t red yet. Soon.

The corn isn’t quite ready yet. Maybe in a few days. We do have plenty of very good local corn though. So we won’t go hungry.

Now for the really great news of the day for us coffee lovers! 

We have fresh locally roasted coffee from Rise Up in Easton. Get a bag to take home or a cup to drink here. We can sit on the porch, drink coffee, and chat about the weather, or the kids, or the farm. Whatever, as long as there is coffee involved, I’m all in! Well, unless of course, you would rather sit on the porch with your family and friends, then I won’t impose. 

The flowers are beautiful! Come on out cut a bucket full or grab a bunch in the market.

Last night’s sunset. Photo credit to Jane Godfrey.



Sudlersville’s First Peach Festival

The Sudlersville Volunteer Fire Company and our farm are partnering to present Sudlersville’s first annual Peach Festival at the Godfrey’s Farm market on Saturday, August 9 from 11 am to 3 pm.

July 12 2012 011

There will be live music from local bands like Ricky Walls and the North County Pickers and Phillip Dutton and the Alligators, delicious peach treats like peach ice cream, cobbler and slushies, a full lunch menu including pit beef & pit ham, community organization vendors, rides around the farm and more.

Photo Jun 28, 2 51 48 PM

For more information or if your community-based organization or non-profit is interested in becoming a vendor, contact Godfrey’s Farm at (410) 438-3509 or at or the Sudlersville Volunteer Fire Company at (410) 739-8857.  Please click this link provided for a  Vendor Commitment Form.  We are also accepting applications for for-profit craft vendors that have a 100% hand-crafted product. Please click this link for a Business Vendor Commitment Form.

Photo Jul 31, 11 29 13 AM

Click here for directions to the farm. Our GPS-friendly address is 302 Leager Road, Sudlersville, Md. 21668.



Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day!


I just wanted to wish you a Happy Father’s Day and give you a quick crop update.

We will start the u-pick tart cherries Thursday, June 19th. U-pick hours for tart cherries are during regular market hours: Mon-Fri 7am-6pm and Sat-Sun 7am-5pm.

The blueberries still aren’t quite ready yet, but it shouldn’t be too much longer. Check the website for the latest info. 

We will quit cutting asparagus within the next couple of days, but it should be available at the market through the week.

Stop by and visit us. There is a lot of local stuff, some delicious cantaloupes from down south and, of course, ice cream and slushies.

Psst:  There is one more coconut cream pie in the refrigerator this morning. Your dad called and said he REALLY wants it!

June Update from Godfrey Farm

Hello! I guess I will start with a storm picture from the yard.

Not all of our tractors are green… But MOST of them are. I know you were wondering. I mean, the color of your tractors says a lot about a person. Don’t you think so?

The spring season is moving on quickly. I would guess there isn’t much time left for asparagus and strawberries. Probably next weekend will come close to finishing off this season.

The blueberries are just barely starting to turn blue. So, I would guess they are about 10 days or 2 weeks away. Maybe-ish? I will keep you posted.

Tart cherries are starting to color a little. At least a week away. I will keep you posted on that too.

We have had so much fun with strawberry pickers. Although I haven’t had a chance to take many pictures lately, plenty of others have contributed to the Godfrey photo album… Social media is absolutely wonderful. 

These are from the Barrow Family blog post: Matters of Family Strawberry Picking   


This is one of my favorites… It’s so sweet.

Another u-picker contribution. I love it!

But wait… There’s more!

This one is all about attitude…

Serious pickers…


Still a few more…

I LOVE your hat!!! The smile isn’t too shabby either.

Here’s Patricia and her dad. There’s nobody nicer!

Recognize anyone in this picture?

Here’s a tip. When you come out to pick, don’t forget your sunglasses.

Another tip. You will need ice cream to replenish the energy used in the field. Even super heroes need a little ice cream now and then. It helps them fly.



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Strawberry update

Well, the strawberries are finally turning red.

We just picked a few quarts and should have flats available any day. Pick-your-own should start next weekend – Memorial Weekend. Check in later in the week just to make sure. Oh yeah, photo credit goes to Jane Godfrey (Did you know I have to pay royalties for any picture I use in the newsletter or on Facebook. Is that fair? I mean, I am her mother…).

Here is a picture I took from my backyard this morning. I sure am lucky to live in such a beautiful place. This is our newest asparagus field, it’s two years old, remember the pictures I posted while we were planting? Well, we were able to cut it for a couple of weeks this season. Now it is going to fern so it can replenish it’s energy supply for next year. 

If you come to the market the asparagus should look a little more like this…


As a matter of fact, I’m going to stick a coupon at the bottom of this email for a free pound of asparagus. Offer is good through Memorial Day.

When you come to visit us for your free pound of asparagus, be sure to grab a lemonade slushie or a delicious orange dreamsicle slushie float (yes, they are made with REAL oranges). 

You can sit on the porch and enjoy the day or if you are just too thirsty to make it all the way to the porch, just grab a seat on the floor. We don’t mind.

Flash back to planting time:

Emily and Taylor in asparagus 


Asparagus is ready!

It’s time! Asparagus is ready!!!! (Do you have any idea how much I have been wanting to say that?)
We have been cutting a little. We used the stand-in crew to start. Well, actually, these folks just cut enough for dinner. 

But now the ace crew has arrived – and we are ready to roll! If asparagus cutting was an Olympic sport, our team would DEFINITELY win! These guys are amazing!

Let the season begin!


Have you found the clock yet? No? Keep looking. The Bolga Basket winner is David Lawton. Congratulations David!  


Tart Cherry Update


We planted some new tart cherry trees. Now we just have to wait 3 years for them to grow up and become productive members of society.  


Oh yeah, did you know it’s Arbor Day today? Happy Arbor Day!


Hope to see you soon!


P.S. Lapp’s baked goods will arrive around 2pm today!

lapps bakery 

Asparagus Update

The question that begs to be answered… When will the asparagus be ready?
Well, I’m not sure. Maybe this weekend. I think the weather is supposed to cool off a little this week, so that might slow it down some. But boy oh boy, I sure would like to have some asparagus for Easter Sunday. Wouldn’t you?
So, here is the plan: we are going to be open and ready for business starting this Friday. I don’t know if we will have asparagus or not, but stop by, say hello, and either join us in a “bring on the asparagus dance”, or Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, get some asparagus! We will have some other goodies to make your Easter dinner special either way.
The peach trees are blooming. We saw the first ones pop out Friday (April 11).
They remind me of popcorn. You wait and wait and wait. Then, POP, there goes one. Then POP, another. Then it’s pandemonium! Pop, pop, pop, pop, they’re everywhere! In no time, they look like this.
Peach blossoms on a raining day.
Well, that was last year’s picture. But, they will look like this before you know it.

One more thing. When you come in, if you can say where the clock picture was taken, we will enter your name into a drawing to win the bolga basket of your choice. Limit one entry per customer.


Easter is Sunday. Will the asparagus be ready in time? Stay tuned… I will keep you posted.

Hope to see you soon!

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Happy Spring!

The calendar says it’s spring… Happy spring. Here is a little picture history from the farm. 
Snowing again on March 25, 2014 (a.k.a. yesterday)

Peach blossoms on a raining day.
Do you remember everything was late last year, too? This picture of peach trees in full bloom was taken on April 12, 2013. So, there is still hope.

Remember 2012? Guess the date for this one. Wait for it…
Peach bloom 2012
March 11, 2012. Wow! Early, early, early…

So, the question everyone wants to know the answer to… When will the asparagus be ready? Want to guess? Easter is April 20th this year. Will the asparagus be ready in time?

Here is the asparagus field today.
I have great news for my fellow Bolga Basket maniacs. A fresh shipment of Bolga Baskets came in yesterday!  I don’t want to mislead you – this picture is from a couple of years ago. Yesterday’s shipment is still in boxes. We will have to wait until the snow melts to unpack.

bolga baskets

Hope to see you soon!

Hurry! Not much time left.


First, we will get straight to business.

Our last day of the season is Labor Day!!!!

We will be open all weekend (Monday too), regular hours, and we will have plenty of corn, tomatoes, peaches, slushies, ice cream and more. So, please come see us at least one more time before the season ends.

Now I want to share some pictures from the farm.

We are getting ready to plant strawberries for next year’s harvest. I decided to take some pictures and show you how it’s done.

First, you work up the ground:

Butch helps with this part of the process.

 Then, you make these mounds of dirt – we farmers call them “raised beds”.
The sea gulls help with this part. Yes, everyone has a job around here.
Then, we cover the raised beds with plastic. Now, this job requires the tractor driver to get off of the tractor at the end of each row to cut the plastic. Then they turn the tractor around, line up with the next row, get off of the tractor again and set the plastic and tubing to make another round.

If you know many farmers, you may know that getting off of the tractor twice at the end of each row is practically intolerable for most tractor drivers. But we persevere without much complaining. Tractor jobs are coveted around here. I mean, it could be worse, you could get the job of pulling the plastic up at the end of the season. And everyone knows, that’s a dirty job.

In addition to getting off of the tractor, you have to shovel a little dirt over the end of the plastic so it doesn’t blow up in the wind. (That’s Jeffrey with the shovel. NIce work Jeffrey!)
Then, you get back on the tractor and do it all again at the other end of the row.
When you are all done, it looks a little something like this:

Now we are just waiting for the strawberry plants to arrive so we can get them in the ground so they can do some growin’ for next year. They should be here in a couple of weeks. We will plant them, then tuck them in for a long winter’s nap.

I would like to add one last word. I really want to thank the great “kids” that worked hard to make things run smoothly this year. They are a great group of people and I’m honored to say that I know them and have worked with them. They have put in lots of hard hours and made me smile through a tiring season.  Thank you!
Barn crew