Hurry! Not much time left.


First, we will get straight to business.

Our last day of the season is Labor Day!!!!

We will be open all weekend (Monday too), regular hours, and we will have plenty of corn, tomatoes, peaches, slushies, ice cream and more. So, please come see us at least one more time before the season ends.

Now I want to share some pictures from the farm.

We are getting ready to plant strawberries for next year’s harvest. I decided to take some pictures and show you how it’s done.

First, you work up the ground:

Butch helps with this part of the process.

 Then, you make these mounds of dirt – we farmers call them “raised beds”.
The sea gulls help with this part. Yes, everyone has a job around here.
Then, we cover the raised beds with plastic. Now, this job requires the tractor driver to get off of the tractor at the end of each row to cut the plastic. Then they turn the tractor around, line up with the next row, get off of the tractor again and set the plastic and tubing to make another round.

If you know many farmers, you may know that getting off of the tractor twice at the end of each row is practically intolerable for most tractor drivers. But we persevere without much complaining. Tractor jobs are coveted around here. I mean, it could be worse, you could get the job of pulling the plastic up at the end of the season. And everyone knows, that’s a dirty job.

In addition to getting off of the tractor, you have to shovel a little dirt over the end of the plastic so it doesn’t blow up in the wind. (That’s Jeffrey with the shovel. NIce work Jeffrey!)
Then, you get back on the tractor and do it all again at the other end of the row.
When you are all done, it looks a little something like this:

Now we are just waiting for the strawberry plants to arrive so we can get them in the ground so they can do some growin’ for next year. They should be here in a couple of weeks. We will plant them, then tuck them in for a long winter’s nap.

I would like to add one last word. I really want to thank the great “kids” that worked hard to make things run smoothly this year. They are a great group of people and I’m honored to say that I know them and have worked with them. They have put in lots of hard hours and made me smile through a tiring season.  Thank you!
Barn crew 

Get your peaches now!


Good morning. The sky was beautiful this morning, so I ran to get the camera and when I returned (45 seconds later) it wasn’t quite as pretty. But, I thought I would share anyway.
  sunrise with tractor
sun up
Just wanted to let you know that NOW is the time to put up your peaches for the winter. They are plentiful and perfect right now. So, drop what you are doing and get out here. It’s time.

I’m sorry – was that too bossy?


Hope to see you soon!

August Update


First the peach update photo (Photo credit: Emily Godfrey):

Yes. We are still printing the date on the pictures. Very annoying.

There are 2 more weekends left for peach picking. Friday, Saturday, and Sundays 8am-1pm.  That means Aug 9, 10, 11 (Loring) and 16, 17, 18 (Crest Haven). Don’t put it off, you might miss it. There are lots of nice peaches now. There are a few blueberries scattered about the field here at Leager Road and you are welcome to hunt and gather during peach u-pick hours.

The chill in the air has reminded me of fall. Thinking we ought to be planning football game tailgate parties instead of picking tomatoes. But, it still August and we are still picking tomatoes. As a matter of fact, you should come in now and get your canning tomatoes. They are plentiful and they are pretty nice little tomatoes if I do say so myself. Cheap too… $10 for a box of small tomatoes. Don’t wait.

Anyway, back to the “chill in the air”. Remember that our season winds up on Labor Day. So, hurry out and get your fill. Just a few weeks left.

Emily also took this picture of a random shopper. OK, just kidding… That’s Mrs. Godfrey. Everyone asks about her, thought you might like to see a picture. Looks good, huh?
mrs godfrey

Warning: All personal updates from here on out.

We had a big day Saturday. Remember this picture?
brent and ashley  

You know… The wedding proposal in the peach orchard on August 3rd, 2011.

Well, here’s the update from August 3rd, 2013:
dunks couple
Dunks photo ashley

What a beautiful wedding and bride! We had lots of fun too.
girls at wedding  

One last photo. Emily has written a book. All pictures – no words. Then she took pictures of the pictures. Pretty clever I think. (That’s her mother’s honest opinion)  


I thought I might bore you if I put them ALL in the newsletter, so I just picked out one. If you want to see the entire book, you will have to ask Emily.

emilys artwork  

Looks a little like Brent and Ashley going on their honeymoon. Doesn’t it?


Hope to see you soon!


Farm Update July 25


Emily took some pictures around the farm this week. I think some of them were pretty nice.

Like this one:
And this one:
ashley and julia

And this one:

And this one:

I’m not sure how she managed to get the date printed on the pictures. I’m also not sure how to get it off of the pictures.

Do your kids do that? You know, change the ringer on your cell phone, or configure electronics in some strange way and you can’t figure out how to undo it? Tom and I spent 20 minutes last night trying to get messages off of his phone after Jane “adjusted” a few things.

On to the news:

We are picking cantaloupes. Lots of them. One at a time.

jeffrey lopes


Peach Orchard Update:

U-pick peaches are scheduled for 4 weekends, starting tomorrow. Friday, Saturday, and Sundays 8am-1pm. We really thought the Red Havens would be ready to pick this weekend, but they still need a few more days. I recommend you wait until next week to come out if possible. Sorry, for the inconvenience, but I think the picking will be much better next weekend. There are a few blueberries scattered about the field here at Leager Road and you are welcome to hunt and gather during u-pick hours.

But wait! There’s more…

We have Lapp’s baked goods for the weekends. Lots of great pies, dinner rolls, sticky buns, and whoopie pies, of course, arrive around 2pm on Friday afternoons. 

lapps bakery


Don’t forget the ice cream and fresh fruit slushies!

ice cream  

Hope to see you soon!

Peaches, corn and the 4th of July


Happy 4th of July!

U-pick blueberries are going strong. There are lots of berries! The picking schedule is Mon, Wed, Fri, and Sat 7am-noon and Wed 4pm-6pm. Please call, check the main page of the website, or check the Facebook page to find out which farm we are picking at each time. So far, the Benton Corner Road farm has produced a plentiful crop. We will be eventually moving over to the Leager Road patch.

Of course, we have plenty of blueberries at the market, so you can stop by and pick some up anytime. 


The slushie machine is hot, hot, hot! We are making lots of ice cold slushies made with our own fresh and juicy peaches. You really must try the Peach Slushie Float. It is out of this world!
peach slushie

We have started picking peaches. Stop by and get some. U-pick will start July 26th and last for 4 weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). We will open the orchard for morning u-pick. So, mark your calendars!

Don’t forget your fresh local yogurt and blueberries for breakfast. Well, I have been eating yogurt and peaches the last few days, and I must say it’s hard to decide which is better.
yogurt with blueberries

Lapp’s baked goods arrive on Friday afternoons. If you need any special orders, just let me know by Monday and we will get them for you.

Now, the question everyone is asking….

When will the corn be ready?

 This weekend! 


Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Hug your kids for me. Mine will be out of town.

 bunny in corn


  Emily at camp 


Gettin’ enough rain? We are…



Hope to see you soon!

Blueberry and Tart Cherry Update


Happy Father’s Day!
U-pick tart cherries will open tomorrow, Saturday, June 15th. Just in time to make a cherry pie for Dad.
fathers day
U-pick blueberries will open Monday at the Benton Corner Road farm, 7am – noon. We will use the same picking schedule as last year: Mon, Wed, Fri, and Sat 7am-noon and Wed 4pm-6pm.

There are 2 picking locations. We will start at the Benton Corner Road farm for the early season berries and then move to Leager Road (main market) for mid-season, then maybe back to Benton Corner Road, and end up at Leager Road for the late season. Sometimes, the blueberry patch gets picked out and we have to wait for more to ripen.  So, you will want to check on the website or look for a Facebook update after each picking to find out where and when the next picking is.



Look what local goodies we have for the weekend!

spring on stand
Beets, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower. 


Collards, kale, lettuce and radishes 


yogurt with blueberries
Local yogurt and Godfrey’s blueberries. 

Guess what?! We have fresh fruit slushies. They are delicious! Today we are serving strawberry and lemonade, made with real strawberries and lemons of course. Try them mixed – it’s great! Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of this email for your coupon.
girls drinking slushies  

I hope you didn’t get too much damage from the storms yesterday.

Here is the afternoon episode.
afternoon storm picture
And here, what I will call “Part 1: The morning”.
morning storm
The morning doesn’t look as vicious as the afternoon in these pictures, but I was afraid to go out back and take a picture in the morning. Actually, they were both scary, with lots of lightening.

Don’t ask why I showed “Part 2: The afternoon” first. I really should have done it in chronological order. I guess I just used the “most recently remembered” method instead. Or maybe it was the “closest lightening strike” method.

Strawberry picking

We are still picking strawberries and the u-pick patch is looking pretty good! We took some pictures that I’m just dying to share with you…
pyo girls 
baby with strawberry 
boy in berries 
girl in wagon 
family fun 
girls with wagon 
I still have more pictures, but I guess you get the idea.

Blueberry and Tart Cherry Update

I don’t see much sign of color in the blueberries, so they are probably still a couple of weeks away. I will keep you posted.

The tart cherries should be starting soon, but I don’t see much color out there either.

Our Afternoon at the Ballet

Today was the recital at Ms Becky’s Ballet school. I really like her recitals, they are like a “real” ballet where everyone has parts and they put on a show. Ms. Becky makes all of the costumes herself and the girls use them every year. As they grow up, they move into the “big girl” costumes. 

I remember when my kids wore these costumes:
girls in ballet  

Have you ever seen anything cuter?

Well, here’s Emily now:

Emily dancing 

Wow! Time is really getting away from me!

After recital 



Jane still says the berries are REALLY good!  You better get out here before they are all gone. 

Jane eating strawberry  



U-Pick Strawberry Patch is open



The pick-your-own strawberry patch is open!
berry pickers

U-pick hours are the same as the regular market hours:

  • Weekdays: 7am – 6pm
  • Weekends: 7am – 5pm


Don’t have the time and/or energy to pick your own? No worries, we have plenty already picked.

strawberry display


Jane says they are REALLY good! 

Jane eating strawberry  

Have you seen our new building? 

new building


Stop by, sit on the porch, and rest a spell…

front porch  


And get out here so the kids can pick some berries! They will grow up before you know it. 

berry pickers    


Oh yeah… The asparagus is still coming in by the truck load! 

unload asparagus 



Happy Mother’s Day!


Happy Mother’s Day!!!!
Jane with flowers  
 I am absolutely CERTAIN that your mother wants you to stop by this weekend and pick up a basket of flowers for her! She also want some asparagus, and a Bolga Basket!


bolga baskets 
 We are picking a few strawberries now. Hopefully the supply will get a little better over the next few days and we will have enough to sell by the flat for the weekend. Right now, there are just enough for quarts. Let the sunshine and warm air stay around for the next few days and I think we will be in business!

Here are a couple pictures of the barley field. I can’t stop taking pictures of it. It is just so beautiful.

Barley field  


Thought you might like to see some pictures of the asparagus planting.


First get your tractors all lined up in a row.

getting ready 

Then, make furrows.  

Tractor in asparagus 

That’s Butch watching Tom work. He does that A LOT!


Put the roots down in the trenches.

Planting asparagus 

  Notice how hard everyone is working?


Well, most everyone is working hard… 

Emily and Taylor in asparagus   


  Jane and Emily in asparagus

tractor in asparagus 


So, I have a couple of pictures from when we planted “our” first asparagus field 15 years ago. I put “our” in quotes because it was Tom and I’s first field. Of course, Tom’s parents have planted many asparagus fields. Anyway, those pictures were taken before I had a digital camera so I can’t share them with you, but they are forever embedded in my mind because they have been stuck to our refrigerator door all of these years.  


One of the pictures was of Kato (my black lab who is no longer with us) lying in one of the trenches. So, we tried to replicate the story with Butch.

Butch in asparagus 


But Butch won’t lie down on command. He just sits.


The other picture was of Tom and his dad standing in the field discussing something very important and studying one of the trenches. I assume they were trying to decide if the spacing was right. Now, Tom’s Dad isn’t with us anymore either. So, I had to take a picture of just Tom.


Tom looks at asparagus  
Yes, a lot has changed in that 15 years. My grandfather was visiting during that first planting. He was a tobacco farmer from Kentucky and he was amazed at this flat sandy ground.  Well, he’s not with us anymore either.

We will keep moving on and try to hold tight for this fast and crazy ride we call life.

Now, give your Mom a hug, and your kids, and anybody you think might need one.

Jane and Butch in asparagus 

Hope to see you soon! 

The wait is over

I will make this update short, since the last one was soooo long.
waiting for asparagus  
The wait is over… 

It’s pretty cold outside, so the supplies are not quite big enough for selling by the crate right now, but I think in a few days we should be much better off.

P.S. Made me smile again.